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Parent Perspectives: Watching my child learn the game the right way

The following is a first-hand account of a family’s rookie season (2021) in youth tackle football, written through the eyes of a loving father. USA Football’s Football Development Model (FDM), created with insight from leaders across football and health, spanning The Ivy League to Children’s National Hospital, melds the timeless joy of playing the sport […]

How Your Child Can Lead Even When They are Not in Charge

Life teaches us that the authority to lead and the chance to lead go hand-in-hand. Your kids may feel that when they’re given the authority—as team captain or co-captain—then they can truly be a leader on the team. But that belief about leadership is not true. Leadership expert John Maxwell explains that “Leadership is influence. […]

Flag Football: A Quality Alternative to Tackle

My guess is with the Super Bowl looming, now is about the time when children start to bug their parents to play tackle football in a local league. Signups will be happening soon if they haven’t already. The excuse I always hear from parents for not letting a child participate in football is because “he’ll […]

Should Parents Force Virtual Training?

If you’re like me, you’re sick of all this virtual stuff. From meetings to conferences to trainings to family gatherings, we spend more time staring at a screen than ever before. Imagine how our kids must feel. Especially those still involved in virtual learning from home. When the option of virtual sports practices or trainings […]